We have many types of mulching equipment that can deal with Gorse, Rhododendron, trees and shrubs of any size. Our machines include a tracked 140hp skidsteer with mulching head that can take anything upto 6inch.

We have large mulchers that are equipped on excavators from 18 tonne to 28 tonne that can take any size. Mulching is one of the best ways for site clearence as nothing needs to be removed off site and mulch is very biodegradable.

We also offer stumpgrinding services. We have a stump grinder for our skidsteer for those tighter access jobs but it can still demolish an 8inch stump in 5 minutes or less. For the larger jobs our 18 tonne excavator is equipped with predator 750 stump grinder that can take care of stumps of any size and 8 inch stump will take 2 minutes or less.


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